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Welcome to The Annotated MST, your source for obsessively researched Mystery Science Theater 3000 trivia since September 2003. We're a little more than halfway done now, so we anticipate finishing this Herculean task around the time our webmaster's daughter, who was born right before the site was founded, heads off to college (whimper). Please see the FAQ if you'd like more details about what we do here, and enjoy your stay.

Latest Addition

10/6/14: Added Show 209: Hellcats.




The Annotated MST has partnered with Shout Factory, makers of the MST3K DVDs, to launch a YouTube channel featuring full-length annotated MST3K episodes! The first one has now been posted: it's the fifth-season classic Mitchell, starring Joe-Don "Is that a beer?" Baker himself. Swing by and take a look! Here's the linky! SO EXCITED!

Earlier Episodes

6/13/14: Added Show 208: Lost Continent.

3/21/14: Added Show 313: Earth vs. the Spider.

12/3/13: Added Show 206: Ring of Terror.

10/19/13: Added Show 519: Outlaw of Gor.



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