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In some episodes, there are a few comments that mystify us. We've listed them below. If anyone out there knows what any of them mean, please let us know and we'll credit you on the site. (Going forward, we'll be including screenshots and time codes to make them easier to find; we'll gradually be going back and adding them to the older stumpers as well.)

Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell

 [22:05] “That city is power.” I still think you should see Bill Davis about that job.

 [30:10] Go kiss Tommy Meyer.

 [50:58] “He’s out there.” Loving me. “Somewhere.” [As guard.] –Please don’t sing, sir. 

First Spaceship on Venus
You look at ‘em. I’m bitter. (also in many other episodes)


 [20:47] I’m bemused but charmed by this plucky stranger! (variants in other episodes)


 [1:19:25] Yeah, my first time with Belle Rossamain in that car there.

Mighty Jack (K14)

 [27:05] “Did you get the location?” “Yes. 7070.” Sunnybrook Lane.

 [39:14] Kids can’t resist a Mr. Blister pistol.

The Mole People

 [11:04] Peanut nostrils, happy clams.

Monster A-Go Go

 [1:08:56] Show him the can, Andy.

 [1:25:27] Time for your medication, Mr. Taylor. No, she’s not one of the Germans, Mr. Taylor.

Ring of Terror
[1:16:04] Punch it, Hal. I want to die with you.

The Slime People
All right, Ted, now we’re going to Barney’s Chili Shack and do the same thing.

The Thing That Couldn't Die
[43:42] Insty-Chest Company, Plano, Illinois.

Women of the Prehistoric Planet
Filmed on location in Tommy Ronnick’s front yard.

Multiple Episodes
Kids come running for the great taste of ____________.

Poor Lonnie (Lonny).

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
Cindy “Room Clearer” Larson

Outlaw of Gor (Also in Teenage Crime Wave and Gunslinger)
[28:28] I like Wade, he's just not a dancer. 

Multiple Episodes
Mother lovin' pigeon...